Jürgen Kling

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My name is Jürgen Kling. I am 66 years old and from Germany. Besides being a self-employed architect I am painting with acrylics and oil. The topics are people and the nature surrounding them. Figures in spaces and in urban landscape. At the moment movement and dance play a special role. Expressive coloring, composition and spontaneous implementation on canvas in large size are the formative elements.

First my paintings arise in my mind. Flashy cloudscape, contrast of light and dark, moving water surfaces and groups of people can inspire me and trigger the impulse to paint. For me, photography is a valuable tool that helps with the practical use of my “mental pictures” in the studio.

While staying in Friesland I expect to find all these incentives. Wind, weather, the sun reflecting in the water, changing colors, wide quiet country and lively city bustle.