Edwin Smet

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Edwin Smet (NL) designs and produces books and paintings. He is fascinated what man can do, in his short span of time, opposed to nature.  He published a book about that – a repetition of something useless that might be considered beautiful, a selection of work 2008-2015. What can we do in our short lifetime? What can we do in three weeks?In

Friesland he wants to find out what landscapes come out of the local scenery and language. Both texts and paintings and books are to be presented as an object.

Another element is, again, Time: how is it possible to create something durable in three weeks time? We can make 100 photos a day, post them online, write 150 lines a day – no problem. It is not hard to produce a lot, but it is a challenge to make it last – like landscapes.


Progress and information about his residency: edwinsmet.eu