International Cultural Exchange – Invitation

We’d like to invite 20 international professional artists to work in the Netherlands as artists-in-residence. We give these artists a change to get in touch with an other culture, and do visual research and/or make artwork related to this culture/nature.

This project is all about connecting. The artists send their plan/application to the Rotary Club in their own town or country. They inform the Rotary Club about their plan about making art in the Netherlands. One our more applicants are chosen by the Rotary Club and will be send to the Netherlands, before December 1  ,2017. A good selection will be made by a selection committee.

The artist’s travelling costs to the Netherlands will be paid by the Rotary Club in the homeland. Rotary Clubs in Leeuwarden provide for the artist housing, food and studiospace. After 3 weeks the artist presents his/her artwork/visual research and  gives a presentation in Leeuwarden in word/text and photo.

When the artist returns home, he/she makes a presentation for the home town Rotary Club, about the country, town, nature, and artwork/visual research. A warm connection will made by this Rotary contact.

We organise this project in 2018, because our city is proudly chosen as Cultural Capital of Europe. We expect the artists to work in residency in june 2018. With this project, Rotary Clubs here support the Cultural Exchange in common, but also among international Rotary Clubs.

In the following link you find information about the application for international Rotary Clubs/Artists.

PDF Document with the CFA explaining the whole process