Nika Zupančič

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As a painter I try to immerse myself into the »soul« of the landscape. As a matter off fact in nature a human being experiences the mistery of existence and thus my way of painting approches the pictorial tradition of the Romantics and their concept of sublime which persisted through the modernist era with the great sublime expressionist painters and is still alive in our premediated society.

A confrontation with a landscape could in a certain sense be a »spiritual« experience. So I would travel to the yet unknown Fryslan as an artist with »multiple hirizons« as my work has been labelled by the slovenian art critic Andrej Medved and I imagine that this poetic will echo in the paintings that I will paint in Leeuwarden.
The genius loci – in poetic words: the characteristic which only the sky over a certain place can produce as something unique, which belongs to that place and can only be felt in situ of that place – is peculiar to my work. My artistic endeavour consists in absorbing that »genius loci« – the spirit of a place I am located in and I try to recreate this experience in my creative efforts.

I would like to work simultaneously on a series of paintings that will reflect the northern light and the horizon as an infinite line.
Because of its openness and infinite possibilities art represents to me a symbol of freedom. In my opinion the words »sublime« and »beautiful« are necessary to preserve nature as a source of personal identity and inner freedom.