Edwin Smet geeft presentatie bij RC Nijmegen-Zuid

“Ik gaf gisterenavond een presentatie bij de Rotary Nijmegen-Zuid over mijn tijd in Leeuwarden en ik overhandigde hier het vaantje van Oldehove aan de (interim-)voorzitter van de club. Dus die is goed terecht gekomen. Het was goede presentatie en heel gezellig”.

Open Studio Impression by Edwin Smet


With his project Wâlden, Edwin Smet wishes to reflect on the book Walden by Thoreau – in which the writer, by himself, retreats from society into the woods for two years – as well as on his current three-week retreat in the environment of Fryslân, and its community. He is fascinated by the fact that although we have a relatively short span of life, particularly compared to nature, what can nevertheless be realized is enormous, also in the ever so short time of twenty-one days.
The paintings, drawings and texts he produces will be compiled in a multilingual booklet after the residency – consisting of three divisions: Wâld, Wei and Wetter. The residency turns out to be a perfect time of reflection on his own artistry, which has been stuffed with images and meaning of trees, woods, lakes, the landscape and human involvement, for over ten years. A single human, let alone society –mienskip–, can perform so much good in its time, albeit with care and engagement.


Update June 8th by Edwin Smet

With his project, Wâlden, Edwin Smet wishes to reflect on the book Walden by Thoreau – in which the artist, by himself, retreats in nature – and his current environment Fryslân, the community. He also wants to address the time we  consciously spend and what can be realized in therein. The images and texts he produces will be bundled in a multilingual book, after the residency. www.edwinsmet.eu