Update June 8th by Martina van de Gey

My first impressions as an artist, who has never been to Leewarden and does not speak a word Dutch, was that all the people here are very friendly, relaxed and happy.

When you’re out on the streets, cycling, or jogging around the city to get to know them better, you’re greeted from all sides with a friendly “hoi”. This is very nice and makes it easier to arrive in a foreign country. I am fascinated by the idea that one lives in a community and nobody is responsible only for themselves and is not left alone in case of problems, which is an important basic idea of ​​Iepens Mienskip.

Especially clear was the sense of community during a boat trip to which we were invited a few days ago. It was attended by cultural artists from Slovenia, Poland, Germany and Zimbabwe. We sat together in a small room, ate, drank and talked to each other. To be able to drive under the very low bridges, everyone had to lay flat on the ground, which was very funny, but also caused a sense of spatial tightness and anxiety.
It occurred to me that we are all “in the same boat” and have the same needs and desires. We can not be well if our fellow human beings are in a bad state because everything is connected with everything else. When people drown in the Mediterranean on the run, this also has consequences for our contemplative life, we can not be care less and we have to act.

Inspired by this impression, I will use the theme “we are all in the same boat” for my work in Leeuwarden.  In my studio, I began to fold boat-like bodies from rubber and paint them with thin paint. Eventually these bodies will be filled with water from the canals in Leeuwarden, because everything ist connected with everything.

As a result for my 3 weeks stay there will be several objects for the floor area in my studio, as well as some drawings of hulls on the wall.

In addition, I have prepared a video documenting of my daily way from the house in the Pelikaanstraat to my studio in the Tweebaksmarkt in an amusing way.


Update June 8th by Friederike Willich

What a wonderful chance for an „Artist in Residence“ to stay on a sheep farm and have a studio space in Leeuwarden.
Each day is full of adventures and experiences of “Iepen Mienskip“ at its best. I am exploring the city with my sketchbook in my hands and ride home to my dear host family by bike through Frisian villages and meadows.

General information about travelling to and from Leeuwarden for AIR Rotary Clubs and artsist.

The first meeting with other artists and their hosting families is planned at June 3 at 17.30  in Leeuwarden, address: Schrans 44. This address is 4 minutes from the train station. The artists work from June 4-24. The last 4 days, June 20,21,23 and 24, the artists also show their artwork in their “studio” from about 11.00-17.00 in a so called “open studio”. In this last 4 days, artists have contact with visitors, make contacts, exchange information and, when wished, sell artwork.

The artists can arrive in the weekend before start working, depending on train, car or plane arrivals: June 2 or 3. The artist can depart on June 24 in the evening after the last “open studio”, but maybe better on June 25!
Every artist should mail us the arrival and departing time. After we received this information, we can help you,  getting to the right addresses.  Of course there will be questions, please ask!

The contact address for Rotary Clubs and artists in Leeuwarden:
Mrs. Doet Boersma, Schrans 44, 8932 NE Leeuwarden
Tel: 003158 2136542