Open Studio Impression by Edwin Smet


With his project Wâlden, Edwin Smet wishes to reflect on the book Walden by Thoreau – in which the writer, by himself, retreats from society into the woods for two years – as well as on his current three-week retreat in the environment of Fryslân, and its community. He is fascinated by the fact that although we have a relatively short span of life, particularly compared to nature, what can nevertheless be realized is enormous, also in the ever so short time of twenty-one days.
The paintings, drawings and texts he produces will be compiled in a multilingual booklet after the residency – consisting of three divisions: Wâld, Wei and Wetter. The residency turns out to be a perfect time of reflection on his own artistry, which has been stuffed with images and meaning of trees, woods, lakes, the landscape and human involvement, for over ten years. A single human, let alone society –mienskip–, can perform so much good in its time, albeit with care and engagement.