Open Studio Impression by Nika Zupančič

My life in Leeuwarden moves very fast. There are too many impressions to absorb and not enough time to put them onto the canvas. I will definitely re-visit Fryslan one day. I would need few months to immerse into this landscape which perfectly resonates with my painting.
It’s flat but full of subtle relief and nuances, it’s silent but full of music of winds and birds, it’s so dynamic within its seeming tranquility.
I will continue with my square paintings (2 x 2 metres), paysages attached to the wall. The motifs are different landscapes, real as well as imaginary.
One painting is inspired by Slovenian genius loci.
The newest one is a representation of my immersion in this countryside, an imprint of images of Fryslan genius loci.
The third one is imaginary landscape.
So, all these paintings are characteristic of me, a painter of multiple horizons, as Slovenian critic Andrej Medved labelled me.
I feel an atmosphere here like I would step into my imaginary painting. An absolute painting.
To summarize, three poetic categories which define, according to my vision, this landscape are following one’s :

  • bucolique / pastorales ;
  • horizons – as a place for endless reflection – « oublie de soi » ;
  • the sound of silence – tranquility.

This is also what defines my painting.
I am certain that Fryslan genius loci will be reflected in my further work.

Further info regarding my biography and work you may find through my two websites : – work from 2002 till 2017 – new site with latest work