Open Studio Impression by Marcos Lora Read

My artistic career began some 25 years ago and during this period has revolved around several fundamental axes, and despite feeling like a sculptor I have specialized in different media. Because for me the fundamental thing is to work with an idea, hence I look for the most appropriate means to carry out and express my idea. So the support can reach a steel sculpture of 9 meters, to a video, a collage, or a conventional canvas.

In Leeuwarden I’m using photography to get closer to the history of the region and its relationship with the Friesian cow, using different means and resources to develop a two-dimensional and mixed work between collage and painting. That goes from figurative to abstract.

The project is based on documenting a day of the Powergree farm, a farm with 150 heads of pure Holsteins cattle, where the day starts at 3 in the morning with the milking of the cows. In addition Powergree produces its own energy through a bio generate, which is capable of general enough energy to sell 80% of its output to the community, which makes it double efficient and a perfect model of sustainability, something that interests me to transmit in this series of works