Update by Martina van de Gey

In hetzelfde schuitje
4:77 minutes
Martina van de Gey 2018

A boy rowing his boat over the Ganges
in the early morning, the pyres are still
burning on the shore, men are washing
clothes and the faithful are bathing in the river.
The oars of the boat dive into the water, reflecting
the dull light of the sun.
A canoe with teenagers in colorful sportswear
appears and thwarts the direction of the boat
on the Ganges. These are students who train
on the canal in Leeuwarden early in the
morning and now seemingly paddle along
the sacred river with the Indian boy.
Leeuwarden and Varanasi separate
exactly 8105 kilometers, India lies in a different
time zone and in the holiest city of the
Hindus on the Ganges there is a completely
foreign culture for us.
Even if the distance between the two places
is large and the cultures could not be more
different, we are all connected with the eternal water
circulation around the globe
and people face the same challenges
of a dramatically changing world: global
warming and rising sea levels threaten our
very existence and we need to solve the problems
globally – we are all in the same boat,
in hetzelfde schuitje.

Foto, Video, Copyright: Martina van de Gey