Open Studio Impression bu Jürgen Kling

Just one week after beginning my work in Leeuwarden, the way of painting and the palette of colors have changed. Even the format has got another one. Coming here, I usually used an upright size of canvas. In the meanwhile it got a horizontal, surely influenced by the impressions that this flat Frisian landscape is giving to me.

Wide horizons, dikes, fences, channels, rows of trees and finally the never ending series of bikes in the city are building the sketches of my paintings. These horizontal lines are circling around my areas of color and are catching them.

My main topic is still water, as the connecting element between landscape and people. Always in movement. It seems to be harmonic and quiet.

Yesterday behind the dikes, life was getting to a standstill. In the next minute a herd of horses  was galloping across a field, suddenly stopping to continue the concerted grazing. Even sheep were moving invisible, like bright stones in the meadow, ready to get woolly clouds floating in the green wet flat.

Fortunately I will never find out, what about sheep are reflecting in this moment.

Jürgen Kling