Open Studio Impression by Kamila Wolszczak


proposal for a sculpture in a public space in Leeuwarden

During my residency project I was involving people to draw on the map of Friesland their own shapes by tandem bike.

An important aspect was to do this together in pairs to share and exchange ideas along the way. Next step was saving their digital routes to show the drawing we made. Our bike was the pencil on the map. To make and save our drawings on Friesland we needed a mobile GPS application which followed our position.

The work in this project focused on the process between artists and participants, participants in couples, participants and the region/landscape. The relation between all these elements is art mediation which is a tool to create an engaged audience in a creative art process. In this project, random people became a group and together created the new shapes of Friesland. It is a kind of delegated performance when I don’t know exactly what the final results will be and I need to trust the participants’ imagination. This idea is also a method of drawing by bike in a big scale and create new collages of lines, which is a way to combine our daily life with new quality of the touristic human-powered bicycle.  A result of my three week artistic process is a model of shapes which we created and I transformed to a small sculpture. I believe that I will be back soon to Leeuwarden to build up a big scale neon sculpture around 2m x 2m in public space. During the open studio presentation you can also find my new collection of paintings called “Faces of Friesland”, inspired by the Frisian representative colours.

Kamila Wolszczak, PL