Open Studio Impression by Diedel Klöver

‘The lionleanson Leeuwarden’

Thatisthe name of the sculpture, I’ve  built forEuropean Cultural Capital Leeuwarden 2018.

The lion is in the weapon of Leeuwarden.

Leeuwarden is a bicycle town, it shows a kind of freedom, everybody on bicycles, saying hallo by riding, it‘s an open community, that gave me the idea, to use scrap bicycles  and transform them to a lion…..and it works.

I love work with scrap material that had a live already and I put néw life in it. The Rotary clubs collected old bicycles I used.

I enjoyed my stay in Leeuwarden, my first time in this small , lively town, it is an exiting experiment to work here. A proper organisation by the Rotary clubs/ Doet Boersma: thank you for that initiative. Thanks to Astre and Roel Fischer, they  gave their best hospitality and made me feel home. Foppe Oreel, gave me that great work place at his factory, without that it could not succeed.

I hope, the lion will find a good place, to rest and lean comfortable against a wall of Leeuwarden.

If you want to see more of my works,you are welcome to visit my sculpture garden in Germany!


Diedel Klöver.

Yard Art, Dangasterstr. 96, 26316 Varel (near Jever, Germany)